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Condominium Management

We currently manage more than 50 condominium corporations, shared facilities, recreation facilities and commercial properties in the Georgian Triangle and surrounding area. Our portfolio includes standard condominiums, common element condominiums, vacant lands condominiums, phased condominiums and our services are tailored to meet the needs of each. We have significant experience with new development condominiums and the challenges that come with builder deficiencies, performance audits and budgeting.

Our main office is located in Collingwood, Ontario and we have satellite offices in other locations. We have staff that reside throughout Georgian Triangle, so we are very close to our Full-Service clients regularly. Seeing the need to provide services to more remote locations, we have introduced our Essential Services package which provides all the core administration and accounting services required to maintain compliance with the Condominium Act but with limited onsite and contract management.

This new offering is attractive to previously self-managed corporations and takes many of the stresses and time-consuming functions off the volunteer Directors plate. We maintain a 24/7 response to emergencies with our live voice after hours answering service with key staff and maintenance providers on call for all emergency needs. Our growing team of Property Managers, Administrators and Accounting are knowledgeable in their fields. Continuing education and staying well informed of new regulations and requirements is a priority and embraced by our team of professionals.

If you have any questions about these services, please contact our office at 705 444 5139 or email at


Work Order Request

If you are a resident, tenant or guest living or staying in one of the properties that Shore to Slope Manages, please use the following link to submit a work order request. 

The following information is required:

*Subject: CONDO CORP# / NAME + Unit number or Address of property, Work Requested

EXAMPLE: SCC111 U36 Fairway Cres, Leak in upstairs bathroom 
Work Order Request